Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Talking to classrooms!

Today, we were able to manage to get around to all of the elementary classrooms, to get them more excited about their purpose for filling up their tubs in their classrooms. Our trip was a success. We were able to get the kids interacting with us by answering questions about what they want to be when they grew up, which also tied with She's The First. We talked about how these dream jobs would not be possible if we could not pay for school and get an education like we do now. The kids then thought about how different their lives would be if they lived in 3rd world countries like the girls we support at She's The First. At that point they realized the importance of an education, and how great it is that we are trying send girls to school, so that they can be the first in their family to go to school, take a test, graduate, and make money for their family. After we talked with each class, we got them more excited about bringing in money to help us reach our goals. Talking today was a good experience for us, because we were able to build skills of talking in front of people, and how to interact with younger kids, in a way that will keep them entertained. We hope to keep the fundraisers going, and to keep younger students interested in She's The First.

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