Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Small Action Can Make a Difference

Things have gotten even more exciting in She's The First Van Meter. You are probably wondering what could be more exciting than making over $1,000.00 dollars in less than 6 months, or finally being able to send our scholar to school. It takes a lot to conquer these kinds of exciting events, but it did happen, in the blink of an eye. What you may not know is that it can only take pressing the reply button to change someones life. That is exactly what happened for us. All it took for us to feel this rush of excitement and hapiness was for our scholar, Neema Amos, to press the reply button on her inbox of her Kisa Project website account. It was this small action that brought us good attitudes throughout the day. It was that small action that opened our eyes, and made us realize what a difference we are truly making. At that moment, it then lead us to realize what difference Neema Amos, the strong, wise, devoted, caring, and respectful woman was making in our lives. Which, in the end, makes her greater than we could have ever imagined her to be. Something that took a minute for Neema Amos to write meant the world to us. To get the satisfaction of knowing that we were in her thoughts that day, and that she wanted to take the time to reply to us. Knowing what she is doing, what she is going through, and so much more is the best feeling that we could ever have the chance of experiencing. With this, we have the full ability to get so close to Neema, and to realize what her everyday life is like. All it took is for her to open her heart to us. All it took was one small action, which turned into a wide meaning of love, courage, and joy that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finally Connected With Our Scholar!

She's The First Van Meter Chapter has finally connected with our scholar! Her name is Neema Amos, she is 20 years old, and is from the Kisa project. We have connected with her through Kisa website, which is a very good way to get all of the other Kisa scholars connected as well. Enjoy the video and pictures that we added of Neema, as well as the Kisa Website. We are very excited that we connected with our scholar, and plan on continuing communicating with her. 

She's The First Van Meter Video!

Here is the video highlighting the events in our She's The First chapter. 

If you want to know more about what we do...watch this video below!