Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keeping Busy!

Van Meter STF has been working hard to get everything finished before the end of the school year. Today, we finished up coloring posters that we plan to put up around the school. Also, before we pick up the buckets in every classroom, we would like to go around the elementary, and get the kids more excited about helping with our organization. We hope that getting them excited about this fund raiser, will also get them excited about future ones. Getting kids involved in these types of things, will not only help raise money for us, but it will also build their character, and hopefully give them a different perspective of things. Right now, we are not too sure on what a good goal is for raising money. Hopefully, after our first fund raiser, we will have a better idea. If anyone has any good fund raising ideas that would be good for over the summer, please comment with your idea, it would be much appreciated.

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